ERROR - 0cx0000025

When booting a Sony VPCF1 notebook from a USB flash drive for a hard meta restore it gets all the way to loading the restore routine when the following message appears:

RestoreCDInit.exe - Application Error

The exception cannot continue

Windows cannot continue from this exception

(0xc0000025) occurred in the application at location 0xffbdb477

Click on OK to terminate the program

I made a USB flash drive for an Acer laptop separate because of the different drivers for restore (Included on the USB flash drive for convenience) and that one worked fine on the Acer.  I tried that USB flash drive on the Sony and got the same error.  I tried burning a different USB flash drive for the sony and when booting from that one got the same error but at a different address - 0xff63b477.

Does anybody have any ideas on what is going on?


Dude, are you sure you’re in the right forum? o.o

Yes, he is in the right forum, this is an error from the Sentinel.

I think this might be related to the proprietary partition that Sony uses in they drive, I will try to see what can I come with, but I tried few times in a Sony laptop of a friend and I always ended up with errors.

Thanks for responding.  It is a sentinelDX4000.  I opened the program I think is causing the error in the active computer just to see what it would do and it got through to asking for drivers then crashed.  The program is  clientRestoreWizard.exe from the X64 wizard in the 1FAE75EB-B11A-4883-BCEE-9AC1C6D5216 folder.  Also, I have a windows home server 2003 box that won’t work on the Sony,  It boots from DVD and gets to the point where it asks for drivers, but the program will not recognize any external drives or USB ports.  I think that there is a similar thing going on with the WDSentinal.

My buddy doing this when it asked for drivers…

Would not read drivers from a fat32 thumb drive

Did read the drivers from an ntfs memory card

So not sure if the ntfs was the ticket or the memory card

about your WHS 2003 box, the recovery software is 32 bit, so even if you have a Windows 7 64 bit PC, you need to get 32 bit network drivers for your network card. Put these on a USB stick.

If you don’t have any luck then the next step is to remove the drive from the laptop, put it into a USB enclosure and connect it to the WHS v1 server, run the ClientRestoreWizard on the server at C:\program Files\Windows Home Server and find the backup, make sure your restoring to the USB drive and not a drive on the server.