Enter invalid password several time and now my passport 500gb is empty(we can't see any file)


I entered password several time incorrectly and after that I lost my hard’s data and I can’t see my files and data, while I can see my driver with 500gb .

after that I use some recovery software such as data back,icare recovery and so on.

and these software returned 250gb of my data by SWF and RAW format. and now I dont know how can I use from these files and recover my files and data in  Its original format such as jpeg ,avi,mpeg and so on.

I remember my password.

Thank you in advance

After you enter an invalid password 5 times you will have the option to erase the drive, you should have hit erase by mistake.  You may try other data recovery software, like recuva.  If you have the same results you may try with a data recovery specialist.