Somebody help me please

guyss i just forgot the password for my passport WD 500gb, i just bought about 2 months.

i know maybe this question so boring.

but this maybe 256bit encryprtion, so anybody know how to recover or reset the password without format it?

please let me know, thanks before.

You can try to contact a data recovery agency for that but otherwise you will not be able to access the drive unless you format it. 

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thanks for your reply, i just try to email them.but still no response.

another thing if i format it the hard to reset the password, after that i can recover back the data or not?

because the data all is pic (jpg files). 

Unfortunately, without the password, you will need to format the drive, there is not a work around for this.  After you format, you might be able to recover part of your data, not a 100%, there are several good software for this, I have used File Scanveger ( this is not a free software), you can Google for data recovery software if you wish others options.

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thanks for your reply :).

i just open the case of my passport, if i trying with sata cable n playing with jumper it will be unlock the password or not?

There is no way to recover or get rid of the password in this case.

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thanks for your reply, last question :wink:

if try to open with sata cable n with jumper also it will damage the hardisk or not?

The data will still be encrypted.


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