Enable ssh, and logining onto MBL for Dummies request


I have a 2TB MBL purchased Jan 2012, no f/w update performed. But (in trying to perform a “File Update” f/w update the MBL would complain about network connectivity issues when there actually were none. I pressed the reset button (back of the MBL) for 3-5 seconds and the box did its reset, and came back with the data volumes accessible over the network but the UI is “blank” (I now know, this is a known issue).

I am going to call WD, this will probably result in a replacement (I know, “refurb”) MBL.

Once I get the replacement MBL, I want to enable “ssh” for it so that if the UI dies I can still access the system and hopefully fix it myself.

Question/request:  Can anyone point me to a “Dummies Guide” to:

  1. Enabling ssh on the MBL (a MBL that has a working UI and ssh not yet enabled)

  2. Once ssh is enabled on the MBL, then what steps must be done to log onto it?

BTW I had worked with UNIX and Bourne shell scripts some years ago, but I still need help with the basics and I can’t seem to find this.

Thanks very much in advance,

-Gary K

For example, step #1 would be:


… Then what after that?  :slight_smile:


-Gary K

Looks like the Community thread below answers my question, I will know for sure once I receive my replacement MBL:



-Gary K