DX4000 not rebooting after Microsoft August 2019 updates

After applying the August 2019 updates to my DX4000 I ended up with a box stuck on “LOADING OS PLEASE WAIT…” and no disk activity.

My recovery worked but applying updates to bring the Microsoft software to current fully patched version just took me back to the dead box again.

So if you experience this be selective about applying patches after recovery!!!

Same thing has just happened to me. So now back to square one, again (I had just done a recovery). And the initial update download and installs, which a bunch failing of the over 80 some, took a full day!

Wondering which updates I should apply? Can I safely use the box to share files on network without applying any updates?

See the EMEA_SvrRecovery_1_7_6_21.iso post for some more information.

Recovery nearly complete (I think). Main lesson learned is that a full Bare Metal recovery backup should be made before applying any patches. The time involved in doing a base restore from the ISO, carefully applying patches (doing backups all the way after every good reboot), rejoining to a domain, reloading the Connector onto workstations, getting backups going again for the workstations… should not be underestimated!

haven’t had the issue you are reporting as of yet, but I’ve had other problems on my DX4000 after installing updates, no client backups are finishing and it’s maddening. Performed a full recovery earlier in the year and I do not want to go through that pain the arse again