DX4000 - Drive Replacement

One of disks in DX4000 is damage and i don’t found it in the market in KSA !
how i can replace the disk with compatible one?
Are the Black,Red,Purple Drives compatible ?

No compatible disk are available.
There are other post in here on how to change the compatible list or install native RST raid tools

This was just recently posted by WD

There is an update/patch which should allow you to use any drive.

I downloaded and installed the update and it worked great. I installed a 2 TB WD2002FYPS as a replacement. The only problem I ran into was the new drive started overheating and the unit gave a drive overheat red light and error. When I pulled the drives they were obviously very hot. To solve it I cut a 4.5 inch hole in the side and installed a bigger fan connected to an outside power supply. It has worked great ever sense. It is my opinion that heat buildup is the reason so many drives have failed on my unit.

Indeed I think the drives get too hot inside the DX4000 case, and this is for sure due to inappropriate design of cooling either by forced convection or condution. Your idea is for sure very interesting even if can be recommended only if the DX4000 is already out of warranty. I agree this will help avoiding disk failures which, looking at the forum, was quite common for this unit.