Recent Purchase DX4000

I just got another DX4000. This one came with 2 2tb drives, Can I replace theses drives with compatible 4tb drives?
IE: WD Se (WD4000F9YZ-09N20L0) 4TB w/ 64MB
From the drive compatibility list 4 TB Hard drive (WD4000F9YZ-09N20L0) DX4000 - 16 TB / RX4100 - 16 TB.
These drive should work correct?

Is it better to reload the unit from scratch, recreating storage, and loading OS with the existing drives in it and then add the 4tb’s to it? will i be able to swap out the OS drive? to eventually have all 3 new drives in it and the old ones removed. or just start out with the 3 new 4tb drives creating the storage and loading the OS.

secondly I have a 3tb drive can i add that to the 3x4tb drive or do they all need to match.

Looking for the cleanest way to get the new drives in the unit and remove the old drive to avoid drive failures that can happen with old used drives.

Thank you guys for the help

I don’t think that you can switch from 2TB -4TB drives without reinstalling.
Also you can’t mix 4TB with 3TB as the unit uses Raid 5 and will downgrade your 4TB to 3TB.
If you can’t access the official drives you will need to edit the whitelist.

You know what I would try. Slave one of the 2tb drives and a new 4tb to a pc and use wd acronis to image it making the second partition larger. You may even want to increase C: also But it may not boot if the 4tb are not on the whitelist

Since you are starting with 2 drives in raid 1 it will run on one disc, add the second 4tb and it will rebuild the mirror, add the 3rd 4tb and it will convert to raid 5

But it may just be easier to start from scratch which is good experience as well.

as @ceaxer says if the drive are not real replacements which I doubt the are you will need to edit some files. there is a recent thread here where someone did it for a fresh install

From what i can tell the drives i got are on the white list so it should not be a problem unless i am incorrect.!

The drives i have…


the whitelist in your picture is for the DS5100 not the DX4000

The Highlighted far right show compatibility

This is what I am looking at

I know i seen that,
I figured since there was no specific entry for DX-4000 for 4tb drives & found these drivers they were my best option. I have them highlighted. What is the drive file you had mentioned that might need editing or files.

Gramps your a huge help BTW,

yea, I see them listed right above where you were before. From that it does look like they will work without any tweaking. But you will need to just take the 2tb’s out and start fresh with the 4’s

That is what I was hoping for. I prefer to do fresh clean install with new drives.

When i got the unit is was loaded already so i pulled the drives scrubbed them and reloaded from scratch so it should go very smooth now. I had to replace the case fan, as after i blew it out with my compressor it began screeching after a couple days.

Gramps you Rawk!

FYI: the drive’s did work with out a hitch, all 3 I reloaded the Sentinel dx from scratch did all the updates and the uEFI patches also that worked. now I am going to add the 4th 4tb drive when it comes it this week. Anything i should be aware of? Just install it and let the server do its thing?

The DX is designed to allow hot swops and will cope when you add a drive. It will take the system a day to reconfigure.