DVD Menu Some Discs Won't Play Main Videos

I have recently purchased the WD TV Live SMP and upgraded the fireware to 1.11.14 when first connected and was setting up. I have been playing around with formats, encoding, compression, etc and for the most part it is working great. I have a number of DVD’s burned as iso’s, which all work with the DVD menu turned off in the WD settings, but some don’t allow you to go past the DVD menu, while others work as expected. I have all my media on a DNS323 which I have network shared the drive and now it comes up as the media share library. I am building the iso’s using WinArchiver with AnyDVD running in the background. I have tested these iso’s on different devices and they work as expected. The 2 discs having trouble I have the issue everytime on the WD device, but works evertime on others. The first DVD I am having issues with is Breaking Bad Season 1. When I select the iso, I go into the menu. I can navigate through, but when I select to play all, episode, or bonus features, it takes away the highlight icon and does nothing more. The second DVD with issues is Cars 2. When this loads, a menu to select language comes up, which selecting english makes the previews start. Waiting through the previews just keeps them in a loop. Going to the main menu, just loads a disclaimer and stops there. Not sure what is going on with the WD, but it works for other iso’s and things like the TV shows, really need the menu. As mentioned, if you turn off the DVD menu, they work to play the main content.  Some similar posts are:

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Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.

That’s weird … I’ll do some testing when I get home.