DVD ISO's wont get past menu?

HI guys,

I have a wdtv live running latest firmware connected via ethernet cable to a netgear stora with 2x 1.5Tb fitted.

On these drives are stored approx 60 DVD ISO’s all ripped with DVD Cloner 8 all are ripped as 1:1 so there is no compression and all features etc are fully intact.

The problem that I am having is that some ISO’s will not get past the DVD menu. The DVD menu works fine and you can navigate between menu screens but the actaul movie will not play it just returns you to the main menu screen. Even when you go to the chapters screen and select any chapter it still returns you to the main menu screen. The thing I cant seem to work out is why some ISO’s and not others… some work perfectly! all were ripped on the same PC using the same software.

forgot to mention that all iso’s work perfectly on my PC

Try using a different ripping program such as DVDFab.

I have 4 ISOs ripped from DVDFab.  When I try to play them, the screen turns black and my WDLive reboots.  After it is done rebooting, it reports that it has removed the content source.

all 4 of them play perfectly on my Boxeebox.

Weird. Try ripping the main movie only with DVDFab, if it’s no TV show you don’t need a menu anyways and chapters will be retained.