Duplicate Photos

I have had my MyCloudMirror Gen 2, for a couple of years .I finally understand how that happened (thanks to this forum), but I have 4 and 5 copies of some of them. I sure wish there was a app that could run on the MyCloud that would constantly crawl through and get rid of these duplicates. There are some apps out there but no clear frontrunner of all the ones that are out there and I would have to run it on my laptop but because I work on the machine and that might slow it down

Has anyone heard of such a thing?

This is one of my BIGGEST complaints about OS/5

I said it before. . .I will say it again. . . . we really need to index by DIRECTORY and not by share.

With my current editing work process. . . .I can EASILY get 3 copies of every image.
For cameras that have RAW. . . it’s the RAW plus a processed JPEG.
For cameras that are JPEG only. . .it’s original; edited full res copy, and processed JPEG.

In my case
img0001.cr2 and img0001.jpg are the same (same shoot)
img0001.jpg and img0001.jpg and img0001.jpgs are the same. (same shoot)
img0001.jpg and img0001.jpg are different. (different cameras)
img0001.cr2 and img0001.cr2 are different. (different cameras)
img0001.cr2 and img0001.cr2 are different. (same camera, 10,000 frames apart)

My directory structure makes it crystal clear what is what.

Fortunately, WD has simplified things a bit in that I use cameras from this unknown company (Canon), and OS5 doesn’t support the *.cr3 format they introduced three years ago.

Don’t get me started on the entire indexing process (that support this worthless phone app) From everything I read. . .the index as a database is a programming abomination.

For cataloging photos; I used to use Lightroom. A very effective program.
Since Adobe went to a subscription model; I dumped lightroom (which I used since it was introduced, and faithfully upgraded many times) like a rabies infested rat and have switched to Capture One. While the cataloguing tools don’t appear to be quite on par with Lightroom, as a photoediting program it is superior.
For fast browsing. . . I use faststone. (Fast stone indexes directories on the fly. . .takes about 1 second per directory once and done).

If you haven’t done so already you may want to see the dedicated OS5 My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 subforum. It appears this subforum (OS5 My Cloud) may generally discuss the single bay second gen My Cloud, which is a different device than the My Cloud Mirror Gen 2.