DTS-HD MA passthrough solved! (got one file working...)

Hi! I’m a new owner of the WDTV Live :slight_smile:

I thought the WD TV Live couldn’t pass through DTS-HD MA, but it turns out it can and does in some circumstances. I haven’t seen any info on this, all I can find is people complaining that it isn’t possible.

At any rate, i have a custom made BDAudio iso file (made by someone else with MultiAVCHD). WDTV Live correctly identifies the “DTSMA” track and my Onkyo receiver (TX-SR607) identifies the stream as DTS-HD MSTR.

Extracting the M2TS file from the ISO and playing it on the WDTV doesn’t work - then it only passes through the DTS. It only works when it’s inside the ISO, which leads me to believe that using MultiAVCHD, you can craft an ISO file with a working DTS-HD MA stream. Funny thing is that the WDTV displays “1 English, 1 DTSMA” in the top left corner if I play the ISO file and “Subtitle 1: English, Audio 1: DTSMA” if I play the extracted MT2S file.

My google searches hasn’t revealed any info on how to make such a BD ISO file in MultiAVCHD  - does anyone know? Am I the first to actually see the WD TV Live pass through DTS-HD MA?

No, it was mentioned quite a few months ago that BD-audio ISOs do that…

I see… Well, not all BD iso files work. So, all we need is for someone to figure out how to make it work consistently, and craft a tutorial for the rest of us.

I’ll continue to experiment a bit, maybe I can make it work with any DTS-HD source :slight_smile:

Preliminary tests are unsuccessful… Extracting the MT2S file and using it to bake an AVCHD ISO file with either tsmuxer or MultiAVCHD and ImgBurn, does not work. Injecting a (otherwise nonworking) DTS-MA Mt2S file in the (otherwise working) ISO file, doesn’t work. In all cases only the core DTS stream is passed through…

This suggests that both the AVCHD file structure, the metadata included, and the mt2s file itself needs to be precisely tailored to the WD tv. There are myriads of variables in this…

With the lack of officially DTS-HD MA support being one of the biggest weaknesses of the device, I’d love to figure out how to make this work, especially now that i know it IS possible!

This newbie offers you encouragement but unfortunately, I have no technical suggestions. I hope you succeed and share with the board.

Thanks for the support, thirdman :slight_smile:

Secondary tests have all been disaponting. No dts-hd streams that i throw at multiavchd works properly. Alwyas its just the core dts stream that is passed through. i still need to try and remux the m2ts file from the working iso with all variations of settings… if i could only get in touch with the guy who baked the first iso (anyone know a guy called Keyser?)