Drive Connected to Router Not Visible

I have me external drive connected to router by USB. I had it connected and it showed up on my wifes computer but had to disconnect to connect to my old desktop to move files. When I reconnected to router for some reason there was a notification that popped up on hers about confirming network device and sharing, dont know what for sure as I never seen it, anyway she clicked no or cancel and now that hard drive does not show up on her desktop like it does on the 2 other computer in file explorer under network. In the share options in settings both network discovery and file and print sharing is on same as the 2 that it does show up on. Just thinking that since she refused before now it wont recognize till I manually go in to change a setting, but no idea where as I have tried with my limited knowledge. One thing that has been recommended is to map the drive and actually give it a drive letter but dont know if that would be better or not as it shows up on other 2.

i dunno what the problem is but it would help if you posted more info like like what brand model router you have, what Operating System is running on your computers Windows 10, 7, 8 XP ? Mac iOS ? Linux ? etc etc

dunno, if you’re running Windows i guess you could do a System Restore on your wifes PC to a time before you removed drive and she clicked no/cancel … doing a System Restore to an earlier time should re-instate any settings back to their previous state.

Not that it matters, but the router is a Linksys 9500. I am running Windows 10. The problem is on my wifes computer the external hard drive that is plugged into the USB port on router shows up on the other 2 computers but not hers due to her clicking the wrong option when the notification popped up on her computer with out asking me first. So now she can not access that hard drive.

So the issue was that the “SMB 1.0/CIFS Client” box in the turn Windows features on and off window was not checked. Linksys support finally helped solve this issue.


In this situation, you should check drive status in device manager. For sure, it must be appearing in device manager with yellow exclamation mark. Just go to device manager after connect the hard drive into system and then check what causing it to appear in Windows explorer and follow the simple steps to make it workable again.

First, the issue has been resolved, please read message 4. Second it never showed up in device manager or anywhere on computer do to issue mentioned in message 4. Thank you for the reply tho.