Downloading my torrents directly to my WD Cloud

I am using uTorrent Plus to download my torrents, but i prefer to download them directly to my WD MyCloud.

The problem is that when I go to Preferences in uTorrent and try to set up the path folder to MyCloud, it doesnt appear on my Network, however when I open My Networks using Explorer i can see the WD MyCloud…

what is the problem here with uTorrent and WD?

i really need your help as my PC is full of torrents and I have no more space left there and I dont want to connect MyCloud directly to my Laptop as it is located near the router…

Thank you in advance,

Mount the cloud drive as a network drive and assign it a letter:

that works for me just fine with utorrent.

I just directed the client to save the data in:


and it work without any hassle…and I don’t even have the drive mapped (but that’s another good soludion).

but I think I’d rather save the files locally and then move them to the cloud - I think your network could get very busy otherwise, plus your cloud will be on all the time. I’d just let it sleep (if it does sleep, not like mine :-P) and wake it up just to load it with finished file(s).

Depending on how comfortable you are with modifying your Cloud, You can actuall have your NAS download the torrents directly to itself allowing you to turn off your computer without interrupting the downloads.

I followed both


I had better luck using the transmission link myself.  Also the tutorials are done in such a way that copy and paste works perfectly fine.  Very little knowledge needed just need to follow the directions step by step.

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