Do I need WD Backup if I have WD SmartWare Pro?

Do I need both WD Backup and WD SmartWare Pro?  Or one or the other?  Which is better or what are the differences?

One or the other, you don’t need both.

WD Backup is better for backing up single machines to WD drives directly connected to them by USB, whereas Smartware is more appropriate for backing up to NAS drives from multiple machines. Smartware can be set to continuously backup, whereas WD Backup is for on-demand (initiated) backups, similar to the old Windows Backup program.

Which is more appropriate will depend on what you want to back up, what drive(s) you have and how you want to do it. It’s a personal choice thing, but as both are free (aside from the Pro version of Smartware, which you may be entitled to anyway depending on what WD product you have) you can try both out and see which fits your individual requirements.

How do I set it up to continously backup?  Can’t find that option.

In Smartware it’s the standard option (open Smartware, select your target drive, click the backup tab at the top and you can then switch backup frequency using the “Set Backup Frequency” button near the bottom-left).

WD Backup can’t do continuous backup, only on-demand triggered backups.