DLNA on external USB storage (usb 2 on WDMyCloud) possible?


I’m trying movies on a external hard drive (usb 2 on WDMyCloud) via DLNA to distribute. Unfortunately, I can not do it.

Only if the files are located directly on the WDMyCloud it works.

Cut somebody help me?




Welcome to the WD Community.

Make sure that the drive that is attached to the My Cloud is properly share on the network.


the board is free to course, it is automatically if you connects that with the wdmycloud. Identical directories on the wdmycloud and on the external drive, with the same settings.

The wdmycloud directory data immediately DLNA capable on the external drive is not! All settings identical, normal access to the externel hard disk works fine, except the dnla service.!?

By default, the Twonky DLNA server only looks at /Public. I’m not sure that the USB drive appears under /Public. So you may need to go into Twonky UI Sharing page and add the USB drive.