DL4100 cannot join to Domain

Here is my problem:

I joined DL4100 to Domain and saw users and groups, but not all users were listed. I tried to fix the issue and give Deligate to read all user information, but again not all users were there. After that I delete the NAS from AD and tried to rejoin it again. And guess what happen - now there is this error “Improperly formatted domain name. Enter in a fully qualified domain name.” . I am using the same Domain name, same username and password, DNS server is the same too.

Please help to join it to domain!


See if the following link helps:

After installing the latest firmware I had to downgrade to firmware version 1.06.118 in order to join the domain. I got the firmware from softpedia.com. I was able to access the shares I created after removing the “invalid users” setting in smb.conf