EX2100 Joining domain problems

I am having real problems joining this device to my domain.  I have tired every combination of names, domain names, etc to try this and each attempt results in a Failure to join the domain message.

Can someone help me with this?  I have considerable networking experience yet I have never had so much trouble joining a device to the network.



Welcome to the WD Community.

Make sure that the unit is in the same time zone.

Also you can try setting a static ip and the primary DNS is the ip for the domain controller. 


I am unable to join the domain too.

My NAS is a WD My Cloud EX2100, firmware version 2.10.302

My domain server ( is a Windows Server 2003, with all kind of Windows operating systems suscesfully connected.

I’ve set an static IP address to my NAS ( and the domain address to the server’s

Both the NAS and the Server are in the same time zone (GMT -07:00) and their clocks time are in the same minute.

From the server, I have access to the NAS, so they both are in the same network

Let’s say domain name is COMPANY-CITY and my server name is SERVER.

I’m using administrator user and password. If I try to join simply using my domain name, I get a ‘Improperly formatted domain name. Enter in a fully qualified domain name’

If I write SERVER.COMPANY-CITY I get the following error (translated from spanish) ‘Error while joining the domain. Invalid setting (“realm” set to SERVER.COMPANY-CITY, should be ‘COMPANY-CITY’) Didn’t ask to modify’

What can I do?

Thank you.

I have exactly the same problem like Zamorano. Please help!

Hmm, no solution about this ?

I have the same problem, too, any update on this issue ?