Discovered "Reflections" Code for Thumbnails

havent released it yet to anybody, so, cant be 100% certain

JoeySmyth wrote:

havent released it yet to anybody, so, cant be 100% certain

I released it and I have a whole bunch of SMP peeps who told me it works :slight_smile:

Sorry, Devicious … I Believe Forum Member harisj16 is not refering to Page(1) Demo Link

He’s asking about my Gallery Mod …this one … (which is not available anywhere, as im still working on it and have not posted it)

Hope all goes well and we can start to use it in the black mamba, lstar, aeonish themes. Detail looks 1000 times better with the code you found Joey. So much more color and contrast.


black mamba, lstar  are Thumbgen created Moviesheets with Information Hardcoded on them.

This Work in progress Does Not. 

It uses ‘Fanart’ Image Generated Automatically from the Hub’s Internal Scraper and Movie Info Generated Automatically from Hub’s created Metadata all generated 'On the fly in Engine"

Aeonish not considered for this as the ‘Reflections’ code does not work with  scale_type=“x”  which is featured predominantly throughout the Aeonish Hub Theme.

There is no cross-compatibly for existing Themes or Moviesheets … This works with just standard Hub Generated Posters, Backdrops and Metadata (ie. the movie.xml)

This is a Theme design for a person/people who have never used (or don’t have the time to create) Moviesheets.

now I get it, you made a topic within the topic. that’s awesome!

Hi Joey, I would love to use this version. For me it is just too much work creating moviesheets. Getting the look you showed above without moviesheets is awesome.

Thanks for sharing all your efforts!!

One question - does this method have the delay in showing the background when browsing?

@ JoeySmyth

I think this theme will be useful for a lot of users who don’t like doing the full moviesheets, just a couple questions tho

Although I don’t do the moviesheet thing I have been making the thumbnail covers with either the DVD box art or the BluRay box art. I have been using Tinwarble’s template but it uses the png to .jpg trick on firmware 2.07, and most template packages I have used have the transparency of a png image. (I’m not looking to keep the reflection as I know this will be done within the code of the new theme)

What I’m looking for is a boxart template for DVD and BluRay that is saved as the native .jpg so that I could just use the cover Thumbs that Thumbgen can create with the new themese for 3.03 fw.

Also I saw on your Aeonish Revision theme that for the TV shows you had a cover thumb that had a picture form the episode and the episode description underneith, is there a template to get this item and does thumbgen scrape the data for these thumbs somehow.

So will basically use your new “No moviesheet” theme when it is released but create my own thumbs (if i can get the right templates) for each movie and each tv show.

Thanks again for the work on the themes

ya joey,

i was asking about the gallery mod.

Thankyou for your reply

the new one you are working on [no TG] looks just like Aeonish. Once its complete will it still look like Aeonish?

even if you used TG you can generate the xml. Question i have would be could a MS be created for just images [like Aeonish]. reason i ask is because i dont trust the hub to autoscrape, not to mention i prefer having the option to select which images i want to use out of the many options. 

Plus I am anticipating your new one would look great on FW3.03 but since you rolled back to get scraper I assume thats not available so TG will be needed anyways. :slight_smile:


Is the scrape broken in the new firmware, i know I only tested it once and it downloaded me a whole bunch of fanart links and auto generated and xml file, i never used it again since I didn’t like it. I find this version of Joeys theme absolutely stunning it makes TG kinda obsolete (if you aren’t picky about the pictures)

Great work Joey…

Technically you could use either the built in scraper or Thumbgen as i can see you are using a plain backdrop and the xml along the folder.jpg/moviename.jpg in frankly the best way i have ever seen them used within a theme.

i see smaller fanart1 is used from the top of the folder.jpg/moviename.jpg sized very nicely…

Look forward to seeing this work of art very soon…

Whilst i am a massive fan of pre-rendered moviesheets, this is more in line with the xbmc method of theming, Congrats once again Joey for moving the goal posts once again


_ “i see smaller fanart1 is used from the top of the folder.jpg/moviename.jpg sized very nicely…” _

Nope, It’s actually the Top-Half of the Poster you see Below (@@poster  scale_type=“pan” align=“top”)

Hi Joey,

Any idea when you will be releasing this gallery mod? 


Will have to find out wether or not, if it was deleted.  (only had a old backup of my themes folder)

thanks for the quick response Joey…

I need a little help.  I installed the reflections theme and the reflection demo files.  In the gallery view the the folders are showing up good with the reflections but the movie sheets wont display.  The aeonish black box and is still showing up so I  cant see the backdrops.  Any idea on how to fix this?

moviesheets dont work for folders … only files

Im sorry,  I meant files.  For some reason I can get the aeonish text and black box to be removed so I can see the moviesheet.

Hello JoeySmyth, is it possible to remove the empty Glassboxes i can’t find the code.