Warning: Store Demo Mode Deletes Themes

This apparently was discovered some time back by TonyPh12345 & Tinwarble …

But since i missed the “memo” (bug report) i foolishly activated the Store Demo Feature in FW 3.04.17

Which in doing so, DELETES all your user themes located in the .wd_tv/theme  folder !

Lost about 5 days of theming work … *pffff* gone.

Do regular Backups and dont use the Store Demo Mode feature

(learnt my lesson the hard way)


i hope, you can redo your work.

by the way: first Theme for me is AEonishI_D3_NP :slight_smile:


  I been having problems turning off the store demo mode and support has not been able to provide me with a means in which I can do it. They told me to roll back my firmware, but with store demo mode on it blocks me from being able to do just about anything with media player.

  Do you know how to turn off the store demo mode feature? Please advise.

Thank you much, 


To Enable / Disable Store Demo Mode:

Setup > System > Device Security (enter your password, or create one if it asks for a new one) > Store Demo Mode OFF

If it asks you for an existing password you’ve created earlier, and you’ve forgotten it … then uderneath the Hub is a Reset Switch Hole … press it for a couple of seconds with a paper clip and let the Hub reboot.

Hopefully this will reset and clear any old passwords.

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  Thank you I appreciate the assistance.

Just wanted to say thank JoeySmyth for posting about this. I am a pretty curious guy, and it was only  a matter of time till I came across the Demo mode and messed up my themes.