Direct Link to a video on my cloud

Hi all,

I have a my cloud connected to my network at home. I have a really basic requirement:

1- I have a video file with mp4 or mkv format.
2- I have a website.
3- I want to display the video file on my website to be directly played in the browser.

What I figured out is that I can get a link to the file but that link is downloadable not stream-able.

I have enough internet bandwidth so no worries about this.

Thanks in advance for any workarounds.

Officially the My Cloud is not designed to allow for hosting video to a remote website that can be played rather than downloaded. Do a forum search (magnifying glass icon upper right) and you’ll see this issue of hosting media to a remote website has been discussed before (mostly discussing how to post pictures to websites).

Unofficially it might be possible using an alternate My Cloud OS. Note that using an alternate OS will void the My Cloud warranty.

Thanks for your reply, so clear now.

Do you believe this requirement could be supported in future WD updates of the standard firmware?

You would have to ask WD. We are users, not WD staff.

Typically to allow for the linking of media to a website for display and not downloading would require one to make the Share location where the media is located on the My Cloud to be open and available to anyone on the internet. This means all content within that Share would be accessible to everyone on the Internet. Currently the My Cloud firmware doesn’t allow for that capability.

One can request features or fixes to the My Cloud in the Cloud Ideas subforum.

I like almost everyone else here are not WD employees we are like yourself who had problems/issues with the My Cloud and have stayed to help others. One could contact WD Support directly if they desired as WD doesn’t necessarily closely monitor this user to user support site.