Direct editing of Documents

Hello WD Community,

unfortunately, with the current MyCloud Home App, it is not possible to edit files directly (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF’s, etc.). Unfortunately, a copy has to be downloaded first, which can be edited in an App (e.g. MS Word, Adobe Acrobat …) and then uploaded again at the MyCloud Home App. This is a very awkward process in everyday use. Other cloud services like Dropbox offer much better solutions here. I ask you to pass on my request to the developers. (Besides me, there are also many other users who have become aware of this problem.)
See here: IOS 11 Files app integration
Possible improvements: - Access the NAS to the iOS filemanager - Connect the NAS/MyCloud Home App directly with the MS Office programs or Adobe Acrobat Reader … - Direct editing of documents from the MyCloud Home app (look how it works in dropbox)