IOS 11 Files app integration

I’m just putting out a wishlist item for WD to integrate access into the new iOS 11 Files app that will allow for file access directly. This would be simplest way for us to use my cloud with IOS.
Hope this will be possible. What do you guys think?


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As a wildlife and travel photographer, I have been waiting for iPads to be able to load RAW files from an SD card or camera, so that I can use Adobe LR or PS in areas where I have no internet connection, and therefore cannot use the Cloud.

I have contacted Apple Technical Help in UK and asked if IOS 11 Files app will be able to access such files on a SD card in a card reader or still in the camera, when the SD card reader or camera is connected to the iPAd, via the USB adaptor. They tell me that the new Files app will be able to do this.

Has anyone else had this capability confirmed?
Right now I am using iFie (which is available in Vshare)to access to my file system on my iPad.If the native app is released. That would be awesome.

It would be great indeed. I am using my WD My cloud intensively with my iPad, exchanging data between applications and this integration would make my life easier (especially for facilitating attachment in Mail).

I agree this would be a very useful addition

Also my need - please also integrate support for slide over and split screen on iPads iOS 11

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This is a must! I’ve been waiting for iOS to have a file manager, but it is less useful if I can’t actually manage my files.

Agree! This would be really good since basic mycloud app is not the best in it’s current state.
It would help a lot if there would be a way to integrate it with files :slight_smile: !

Great Idea, when do we get it?

This a must, please add this.

Absolutely. Stupid not to have it.

Yes, I fully agree to these proposals.

One further: If using e.g. Microsoft Office tool on iOS (e.g. on the iPad) it would be great, if I could work (in particular “save”) with files on my WDMycloud and not only on Apple’s iCloud or Microsoft’s Drive Now or Dropbox.

I take it as everybody responding in this thread have a WD my passport wireless pro and an iPhone or IPad running ios11.
Can you guys test a thing for me? When running ios10 I could connect my iPhone/IPad using USB to the wireless pro and it would auto-backup all the new photos and videos, a really handy feature and much faster than WiFi.

Now with ios11, the wireless pro doesn’t recognizes my iPhone/iPad and this I can’t backup using USB. I suspect that this will be a problem with the files-app to since WD can’t make an iDevice with ios11 to work with the disk.

Does anybody else have this problem?

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@Ritte very interesting. I just purchased a Passport Pro Wireless and I haven’t been able to try with iOS 10 since all my devices already were on iOS 11. But this is exactly the use case I’m trying to find an answer for.

Anyone else have had any luck? Backing up through WiFi is fine for a few pictures but for large backup it is a pain.

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It used to work very well prior to ios11, I could do incremental backups of photos and videos using usb. It took minutes and I didn’t need to have the app active. When using WiFi you need to have the app active and not in background.

This is a major decrease in how I can use my passport pro. Please fix this!
@AlexJ_WD @Peter.g @jchen

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This just needs to be done. I guarantee that for every like on this post there are a 1000 people who have not taken the time look for this. They just wish they could use the feature. There are many more who probably haven’t even thought of it but it they used it and they would be more likely to buy another WD product. In fact if I was to buy another cloud NAS this would be the nomber one selling point. I also believe that they should have and app like Dropbox which allows my Mac to access my drive when I am not on my intranet.


Yes, this is a feature that I am missing so much on my iOS devices. Since iOS 11 it is really a must. I really hope that WD has the support of the files app on it’s roadmap!

It is good to know that you approved the idea for voting! I hope that you and your team still watch the voting! I found this feature request via a Google search and registered myself just to support this request! But I think that the hurdle to take part at the voting process is too high for many other people. It seems that already over 3.000 people were interested in that feature but they don’t want to register here in the community just to take part at the voting. It might be a good idea to have some more prominent voting platform like Uservoice where people can vote more easily.
It would be great if you also could forward the feature request to the responsible product management team.

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Well, It looks like WD support for iPad file utility is a winner!
I do not see any criticism in any of these posts.
How much trouble is it to intergrate WD Cloud into IOS files?

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This is important. With out the integration into the files app, or the ability to share batch files at once, it’s usefulness is pretty limited for doing any actual work.

Any update from WD?