Direct Access from Internet

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I have question about WD MY Book Live 2TB.
It is possible to make it accessable direct from internet in Windows Explorer as permanent network mapped drive?

When I’m in local network I only have to write down My Book Live address in address bar, for example:


I want this drive to be accessable anywhere from Internet the same way by mapping \my.public.ip.address

I don’t want to use any third party programs, because when using I have to map my drive every time I boot computer, second thing - transfers with wd2go mapped drive are terrible. Transfers are better by FTP but then I can’t edit files fast.

Can You help me?

Greetings from Poland!

Not recommended. You would need to open non-secure TCP ports out to the internet, and anyone can hack you very easily. FTP is also non-secure.

Only secure protocols are SSH and https.

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Thanks for Your answer.

Any idea how can I make permanent secure access to MBL in Windows Explorer from internet?


Lots of option, but are for advanced users. Google for “ssh tunneling windows explorer” and you will find plenty of options.

Pick the one you like best.

Here is one.

Good luck!


Actually, VPN might be the easiest solution. However, it might imply to purchase either a VPN capable device. Or a package such as:

There might be other free VPN options I am not ware of.

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Many thanks to You! Tomorrow I will be testing.