Difference between WDBPKJ0050BBK-0A and WDBPKJ0050BBK-0B?


Could you please help me out regarding this? I’ve been trying to figure out what’s the difference between these two P/N/N/S numbers exactly [WDBPKJ0050BBK-0A and WDBPKJ0050BBK-0B].

When I connect them to my computer, the former is displayed as WD My Passport 2627 USB Device and the latter as WD My Passport 2626 USB Device.

Is it something to do with drivers or something else? Should I care? I always buy this drive and this is the first time I got one with the ‘0B’ ending.
The model is the same [WDBPKJ0050BBK-WESN], the only difference as far as I see is the P/N/N/S and the DCM (this one is DBAEEAA, the other ones are DABBDAA).

Thank you so much in advance,

Hi @Tappancs,

Please refer model of My passport device:

Please refer below link to know safe buying guide:

Hope it helps!!

Hi, @Tappancs ,

I have encountered both, and what I noticed is that the 2627 has faster transfer speeds than the 2626.
I think it is not really clear which version you are getting by looking at the box, it should be related to the part number.