Difference between WD10PURZ and WD10PURX

Does anybody know what the difference is between the WD10PURZ and the WD10PURX ?

I’ve search Google and there’s nothing, the WD spec sheet for this drive only mentions the Z version.

i pretty sure you’ll find there is no difference in the specs.

the Z and X are most likely code identifiers for regions

if you click on the link below … and click China spec sheet they are all X. Click the other link for the rest of World and they are Z

other differences in codes for identical spec hdds can be OEM or Retail hdd

I spoke to WD on the phone, they told me that they believe it’s most likely a deprecated model as they spec sheet for these drives were all Z when they looked them up (aside from a single 6TB drive), and if that’s the case it’s safe to say the X was just an older model.

Google is your friend. The Z product sheet says it can handle 64 cameras, the X, 32. The Z also mentions 4K and is 0.3W more efficient at standy/sleep.

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