Did I do this right? LAN / WAN

So I finally got the WD 4TB Cloud running as it should (I think) but I’m not sure if I did this correctly.

I’m using the Asus RT-AC3100 and I set it up using a port trigger and port forwarding. Without doing this I couldn’t get the Cloud on the internet.

Does doing it this way cause a security risk? My router firm / software suggests turning such feature OFF but without it, I cant get the cloud beyond my home network.

WD also suggested using UPnP but from what I understand this is a huge security risk?

Also, what speeds should expect between my PC and Cloud (wired) I tested it using LAN Speed Test (lite) and a 300MB file. It did 228 Write and 379 Read.


Opening up any local network device to remote access presents potential security risks. There are several previous threads that discuss various security issues with the My Cloud.

What does “228 write and 379 read” mean? Is it in megabytes, megabits, kilobites, kilobits, etc.

There are a lot of factors that affect copy speeds to and from the My Cloud. Start by reading the following thread:


Then understand you will almost never get the advertised top speed of your equipment. There will be bottlenecks with certain hardware that will reduce the network copying speed. If copying over WiFi expect eh speed to be generally lower than when copying over a Ethernet connection.

Did you set everything up in the Dashboard? How about Remote Access?

Does your home network have a user name and password as well as separate ones for guest? My router has its own user name and password.

I use McAfee Total Protection.

Below is an image of my setup for my Linksys Router.
Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Update: want to add this. Info I found on your router. Have you read all of this?

You can read more about AiProtection here, https://www.asus.com/support/faq/1012070/.


Thanks for the help.

It was 228 Mbs and 379 Mbs. Here’s some other info on the setup on the WD side of it. This is connected directly via Ethernet. All of the devices on my network have static IP’s. I never have any technical issues with cloud after I permanently set up the path in Windows, but I wasn’t sure if the speed was underperforming.

My router is connected via ethernet.

I have remote access turned ON on the WD Cloud and it has static manual port configs. The routers port forwarding and trigger also have the same port numbers.

Yes it does and I currently have guest turned OFF for extra security. I was even thinking of adding the MAC Adress filter for extra security.

I am using AiProtection and everything is green except for Port forwarding and Trigger. This is the part that confused me. I was never able to get the cloud on the internet without opening that. It always worked on my home network though.

Your router firewall prevents externally initiated transactions.

Since external access to your mycloud requires externally-initiated transactions, you have to open up a window in your router firewall, and tell it to allow certain traffic types on certain ports to be routed to a particular device on your network (the MyCloud), but no other. You then rely on the access security protocols in the MyCloud; this poses some risk.

If you don’t open this window, your router will reject all external requests, and you won’t be able to access the MyCloud externally.

Enabling UPnP on the router allows devices to automatically open such windows, but this is then vulnerable to malicious UPnP controls. I prefer not to enable UPnP on my router, and control port forwarding manually.