Device not registered. (400143)

I have try to input a email in new userprofil, but get this error “Device not registered. (400143)”.

But I know the product is registerd in


In the interest of troubleshooting then perhaps clarification would be able to help isolating the described issue. Are you trying to register your WD My Cloud EX2 itself to your WD profile for warranty proceedings, or are you registering an E-mail address in order to enable remote web access for this User?

He is probably trying to setup remote access.  I had the exact same message when I had no access to WD2Go.  NOw that is working for me here in the states I no longer have this error.

The problem occurs when I register new users to my EX2 and enter their e-mail. Realize that this is probably due to the connection problem to the homepage The problem remains one today.