Date on photos and movies shows incorrect!


I have recently purchased a 6TB Cloud Home unit, and move some photos and movies directly from my iPhone 7 (iOS 11) via the iPhone app to the Cloud Home unit. I also synced the Cloud Home unit with my OneDrive so I got all the photos and movies from the my OneDrive.

But when I look at the date on the photos and movies they are for the most part INCORRECT. Both the ones I have uploaded from my iPhone AND the ones I have synced from my OneDrive!!

This is serious! What is the problem? Is it something I should change to fix this or is it a fault in the Cloud Home devices?? If so, is WD aware of this problem and will they fixa it???

Can someone please help me to get correct dates, or at least be able to see the correct date somehow.

Edit: When I opened the “disc” via WD Discovery on Windows 10, right click on the photos/movies I could see the correct date when the file was created. But when I copied the file to my local disc it changed to a wrong date…WHY??

Thanks, but that’s not it. I think now that it’s the new iPhone format HEIC/HEVC/HEIF that’s the problem (maby) since Windows can’t handle it yet.

Would be grateful if someone with better understanding then me could confirm or deny this since it’s just my guess at the moment.

After trying to modify this for a couple of weeks I was finally able to solve it. What I did was manually modify the “Media Create Date” and the “Modify Date”, not only the create that. For this, I used exiftool (you can download it free) and then use the appropriate command in Power Shell to modify these dates, I used this: “-ModifyDate=“1990:02:13 11:13:00” -MediaCreateDate=“1990:02:13 11:13:00” myvideo.mp4”. WIth this, the app was able to show the file in the correct that, 1990 instead of 2023. I will explore if there is something easier to do this in bulk instead of the code above now.

Thank you. This topic has been covered extensively in this subforum and the OS5 subforum.

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