Dailymotion not working


It’s been three days that i am not able to login to my Dailymotion account using WD Live Tv and also WD TV HUb too. In Dailymotion when i click on “Favourite Member” i do not get the interface “ADD MEMBER” rather it is completely blank. 

I restared my device many times but it didnt help, then i reset my WD LIVE TV but issue didnt resolve.

Anyone who has a Dailymotion account, please try to login to your account and share your experience. 


Try resetting the media player, make sure you have the latest firmware installed and power cycle the device.

i did everything you mention already . but nothing work. only thing work was when you search any video on dailymotion it come up but top video or farvorites video not work.

I am also having the same problem, why did you accept the solution if it didnt work for you ?

it done by mistake. i am new to this

This has been escalated to our support people to look into.

any update?

thanks a lot for all your help. its working now