Cover Art Missing?

how can I get a picture to replace the missing cover art thumbnail?
it only does not show up in galley mode, in the other modes a replacement pictures shows up


I have not tried this, lets see if another use can share some information or tips on this matter.

Do the other movies have an XML file ?

because Dr. Dolittle 2 [PG].avi definitely is missing one (because there is no movie “info” plot,date,genre etc)

try scraping it … then replaced the downloaded .metathumb with a .jpg, then power cycle

Other views will show a NO COVER photo, like the one shown
but in gallery mode it does not do that…why?

oops, think i understand now … the 1st image you posted is my Welo Gallery View Mini Mod

the “default_image=”@@default_thumbnail" code is missing from that mod (i rushed it and left it out … easy enough to add it)

eg. my “Alaska Dark” theme in the 2nd picture the rv_gallery_browse_page.xml has the 'default_thumbnail" code

correct…you make THE BEST THEMES, i have taken the best parts of them and put in 1 theme…i have frankensteined them.

so what is the coding for the Welo Gallery View Mini Mod to get the NO COVER ART to show up?

thanks for ALL the great themese

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