Corruption of file names Mac OS connecting over ethernet to EX2 Ultra


I’m looking for some help as our NAS EX2 Ultra - for some reason - is renaming folders and the Quarkxpress docs within. For example a file or folder was called “AHM” is now called " A74OWS~F "
or the file that was BRLSI is now renamed to “BCZZFT~0” there are literally 100’s of files that have been renamed - all seemingly random 5 or 6 alphanumeric characters followed by a “~” then by a single character…
We work on a Mac OS network and connect to the EX2 via ethernet LAN, however when working remotely and connecting via MYcloud web interface the file names appear correctly. I understand it could be an AFS v SMB related problem. is there a quick fix to rename/ or display the correct names of 1000’s of files?

Any ideas anyone.??

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

The same thing happened to me. Did you find a solution? It is so frustrating. It seems to have happened after a firmware update.

I have had the same issue multiple times now but I only notice it with my folders. For me it seems to be any folder name that ends in a period. So if a business card was for John Q. Sample and I made my folder name “Sample, John Q.” those are the folders that seem to end up with those jumbled names.


something is wrong in the transfer protocols or that firmware version because
the dot as last character in file or folder name tells Windows that what comes thereafter is an extension. It confuses Windows if no extension exists.

I have my mac systems using EX2 and the newer EX2ultra connected via ethernet and have not seen this problem

Backup programs that make a sync a file copy that is the same name but newer can make temporary file names that are later renamed but if a error happens get left.

music files that the albums have dots in their titles have caused problems in the past on other systems.

Hope this can give a bit more information to solve your problem.

Reserved file names -
illegal characters or symbols in your filenames or folders when moving between Mac, PC, and Linux is a common programmer error

See: Corruption of file names - #3 by SBrown

Thanks for your thoughts.

The problem is something has caused literally 1000’s of files to have the names corrupted.
I really do not want to change the names one by one.

I guess the only way to now view the files is via Mycloud remote… which is okay for home working but painfully slow as we are used to speedy workflow in the office.

Thanks for sharing though.

Thanks for taking time to reply.
Yes I have started to search through the folders ( i can see the file names as they are correct when viewing on the MyCLoud remote UI) - but there are 1000s - to see if an illegal character might be in the name.

I was hoping that a WD Pro might read through the community posts and have a quick and easy solution that would be helpful. I really cannot be renaming all files individually.

Also I’m sure the EX2 Ultra dashboard used to have some kind of AFS switch displayed on the Network window awhere the other protocols are but maybe in a recent firmware update this has been taken off.

I’m still welcoming all thoughts - cheers and best


No solution as yet. Hoping a WD expert might look at community posts and offer some knowledge a script that might correct all the files rather than having to rename one by one.
As mentioned in a previous reply - I’m sure there was an AFS toggle wsitch on the EX2 Ultra UI Dashboard in the Network Protocol section. This does not show - probably since an update.

I’ll going to try toggling the SMB switch back to version 1 rather than the current 2 and 3 default option - then reboot - maybe it’ll re-index and correct. I’ll keep you posted.
Best - Steve

I did a roll-back to 5.18.117 and it fixed everything. I also made sure to turn off auto updates so it doesn’t do it again.