Corruption of file names


I’m looking for some help as our NAS EX2 Ultra - for some reason - is renaming folders and the Quarkxpress docs within. For example a file or folder was called “AHM” is now called " A74OWS~F "
or the file that was BRLSI is now renamed to “BCZZFT~0” there are literally 100’s of files that have been renamed - all seemingly random 5 or 6 alphanumeric characters followed by a “~” then by a single character… Any ideas anyone.??

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

It may help if you post in the sub-forum for your device.

A search of the Knowledge Base may bring up topics about your problem too.

@SteveM1 Sounds like you’re using macOS and connecting to the My Cloud device using Samba (SMB). This following article will help.

macOS Finder Displays My Cloud Files and Folders with Strange or Random Characters

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Hi thanks cat0w and SBrown for your thoughts .

Yes we are a mac office network and usually connect to the EX2 NAS over the ethernet LAN but we have noticed that working from home and connecting via the MyCloud web UI all the file names are correct.
It’s only just happened and i was hoping for a quick fix… something like adjusting a setting on the Device UI. Looking at the UI - I’m sure there used to be a AFS Access toggle under the Network Services section.
Will explore some of the other topics and threads but if anyone does know a very quick and up to date fix then i’d appreciate any input. I would hope not to go through 1000 files and rename them one by one.
Many thanks for spending time to share your thoughts though.
Best regards Steve