Copying files to my cloud kills my internet connection and why isnt my music indexed correctly?

Hi Guys

2 more issues that I would love some feedback on

  1. I have an issue that when I copy files from my PC(connected via cable to my router so not wifi) to my cloud drive my internet connection is totally killed, and by that I mean my download capability goes to 0m/b until the copy process has been completed.  So no web browsing nothing, IE says I have network connection issues while the copy process is occurring.  I also get messages from my router saying that my IP has changed cause of a reboot as a result of the copy process - why would this be happening ?

2.  Secondly when playing music from my cloud drive the order of the songs is completely random, for example when playing the same folder from my PC winamp plays all the songs in order 1,2,3 etc … however if I use winamp on the same folder on the cloud drive the song selection is random it may be 3,1, 5, 2, 7 etc … any idea how to fix this ?

Thanks :smiley:

what are you using to copy the files? File explorer which I would prefeer, desktop app?, etc

Only using file explorer to copy files

Which IP address is it saying changed?

do you have more then one PC on the network? do they both loose Internet connection?

The only thing i can think of is your router can’t handle the load properly. Try a separate Ethernet switch and connect the PC and mycloud to this and this new switch to the router. or possibly a new router