WD My Cloud kills network when transferring files to it

When I first got my unit, it worked wonderfully via wireless. At that time, it was first connected to a D-Link DI-518 then a D-Link DIR-628. Since moving we now are stuck with Frontier Tel which uses a combo Netgear 7550 router modem. When I try to transfer files to the MyCloud, only 80MB make it and then the entire network goes down. I have to go to the Netgear control panel and manually reconnect. My MyBook Duo, Seagate Free Agent, and Seagate GoFlex Home have no problem handling files up to 8GB (the largest I tried). WD Support sent me a new unit and it had the same problem. I have the latest firmware, the selftest comes back clean and when connected directly to my PC it works. I’ve tried several ports on the Netgear and have even configured the D-Link DIR-628 in bridge mode but no go. Suggestions? Thoughts?

Win7 Home SP1
Trendnet N600 Entwork Card (Replaced TP-Link adapter)

What is the computer OS?
How is the network configured? What is connected to what?
If connected via WiFi what make or model is the WiFi adapter?

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Don’t you just love it when people don’t bother reading the entire post? The OS and network card are listed. The routers are both 802.11n.The WD is connected to the D-Link.

[quote=“RealGomer, post:3, topic:165459, full:true”]
Don’t you just love it when people don’t bother reading the entire post? The OS and network card are listed. [/quote]
And you are making an assumption that when I made my post seeking additional information my mobile device browser showed the last two lines of your initial post. It didn’t, it only showed the initial paragraph for some reason hence the reason I asked the questions.

Your initial post is a bit confusing as to what is currently connected to what. You mention three or four different routers with some of them possibly connected to each other. Which is why I asked how is the network configured, what is connected to what.

In any event does this only happen on WiFi? If you transfer a large amount of files with the computer connected via Ethernet to the same router as the My Cloud does the entire network (by entire I assume you mean both WiFi and Ethernet) go down? What happens if you use another computer (if you have one) to move a large amount of files, does the entire network still go down?

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Don’t you just love it when people are rude to those trying to help them?

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From reading your first few sentences, it’s obviously issues with your new router, yet you wasted time for support to send you a new unit. There’s no way a device node can bring down the whole network. Your issue could probably been solved with a bridge AP.

So why do the WD MyBook Duo and Seagate GoFlex work with no problems? It’s confusing.

What rudeness? Far too often I see responses that miss information already in the original post.

I’m confused too because you’re comparing a network interface MyCloud which is directly connect to your new router via LAN, with two other USB interface device but both transfers are done over WLAN.

Have you tried what @Bennor has suggested especially the Ethernet part (only test with PC and MyCloud connected to the router, no Wifi)? If the issue is really with the MyCloud, it will be isolated meaning you will only have issues connecting to it. I’m almost certain the issue is with your new router’s Wifi, overloaded/overheated/bad-firmware that caused the router to drop all connections including WAN because it was working with your previous two routers and as I mentioned earlier there’s no way a device node can bring down the whole network, unless of course the device is the gateway itself.

The My Book Duo and Seagate GoFlex (not sure which specific one you have) are USB drives that attached to your computer. They are apparently not network attached storage devices like the My Cloud is. The My Book Duo and Seagate GoFlex rely on your computer’s network connection when copying data to another computer or the My Cloud. Further copying data from your computer to the My Book Duo and Seagate GoFlex goes through the USB port to your computer, not from your computer to the network port then through the router (which ever one of the four or five you are currently connected to) then back to your computer.

If the MyBook Duo and Seagate GoFlex are both USB drives, why are their instructions both saying to connect them thru Cat5 or better cable through a router, which they are. The Seagate FreeAgent IS a USB connected device, currently daisychained to the MyBook Duo.I did hook the MY CLOUD directly to me PC via the 10/100 port on it and worked so it may very well be the ancient passed off as new Netgear modem router. It still strikes me as odd the other two NAS bxes work just fine but the My Clouds can’t handle it.

Which is why I specifically stated “not sure which specific one you have”.
My Book Duo indicates USB interface: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=1260
My Book Live Duo indicates NIC interface: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=620
Seagate GoFlex lists several models that are USB interface: http://www.seagate.com/support/external-hard-drives/desktop-hard-drives/goflex-desk/#specs
Seagate GoFlex Home indicates NIC interface: http://www.seagate.com/support/external-hard-drives/network-storage/goflex-home/#specs

The USB only versions of those devices are NOT like the My Cloud. They behave differently and rely on either a computer or router (or My Cloud) with a USB port as the host in order to get them onto the network. As such comparing the USB only versions to the My Cloud is an apples to oranges comparison.

The problem has gotten worse. Now, any file over 5MB will crash the network. All firmware on device is current as is on Netgear 7550. WD MyBookLive DUO and Seagate GoFlex Home have no problems with files of any size going over the wired network. If I could figure out a way to take the unit back to “zero” without losing everything, I would.

What I would do, which is what I did with my Verizon DSL gateway, is get a separate gigabit switch. Set it up this way:

DSL gateway --> Gigabit switch

Then, connect the PC and the My Cloud to the gigabit switch.

Then, you’ll get gigabit speeds. The 7550 is old and most likely only 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports.

Transfer speeds between your wired PC and the My Cloud will be gigabit, but anything wireless will be limited to 100 Mbps.

ignore this. Didnt see Bennors reply.
If this is the MyBook duo that you have then it has no cat5 connector. It connects to the computer thru USB 3.0.

The seagate goflex home is a NAS device that has removeable disks.


Sounds good. I have my old D-Link DIR-628 set up as a bridge & the WD hooked into it. I’ve been thinking about ditching the 7550 and instead using my Westel DSL modem which worked fine.
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The MyBookLive Duo I have very much does have a cat-5/6 interface. The GoFlex Home also has cat5/6 connector.
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Yes it does, but in your initial post and at least one subsequent post you stated: MyBook Duo. The My Book Duo has USB, the My Book Live Duo has a NIC. Hence the very real potential for confusion with those trying to provide assistance.

I usually look at the most recent posts first to check for updates.
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