Controlling access to public folder

There are a few posts from people wishing to remove or restrict access to the public folder so I thought I would start a new topic with a workaround that I found accidentally

"I  tried to delete the public share and was not allowed,so then I tried to rename it and was not allowed but after this the “public Access” slide became active so I switched off public access, the dashboard went into “updating” mode and locked up, after closing the the browser window I opened the dashboard again and was suprised to see that public access was off and I could change user rights to the folder! :smiley:"

please let me know if this helps and perhaps click the kudos button



you have my kudos…

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Thank you 

glad to help

Awesome! I have to laugh how easy it is! But i have to cry to see how incomplete the software is programmed. However you did it thanks a lot!

thanks a lot

after hours of trying, ready to delete on the cli/smb.conf i discover your help.

Once doing this have you managed to get the Public folder back to public again? It seems that once clicked this cannot be converted back to a public folder.

I pressed this by accident and want to go back to public as everything shares this on my system



to reset  just go through the motions again i.e try to rename and the slider will become active again

I registered just to give you a star.


The problem with this soluition is that there is a possibility that it may mess-up a future update or an update disables this. Still, an interesting solution. Personally, I wish to lock-off the public share and directory as read-only to any user who is not owner/admin.