Compilation of Windows 10 Methods, Steps and Solutions

This is a good guide. However, I spent two days attempting to connect to WD My Cloud NAS drives from a new Surface Pro (Windows 10 Pro). It took that long even though two other Windows 10 computers on the same LAN were working fine.

Here is hint for Windows 10 users. DO NOT SIGNON TO WINDOWS USING A PIN.

This feature in Windows 10 is handy, but there are bugs in the implementation. When you sign on using a PIN rather than a password, the network sub-system has trouble with the credentials. Evidence of this is the “net config workstation” command at the command prompt. You will get: “System error 1312 has occurred.”

When you attempt to “Map network drive…” you will get the following error:

Both errors go away if your log on using a password rather than a PIN.

My case may be unusual because I use Office 365 credentials to logon to my personal computers. I still think chances are good that if you have tied all the “fixes” above and do logon to your Windows 10 machine with a PIN, logging on using a password may solve the problem. It worked for me.

Thanks @lamwilli. Added the fix to the initial post as Windows 10 Specific Method 7. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for sharing. It helped me fix problems that I have since the update of Windows 10.

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@Bennor - very commendable that you summarized all of the potential Win10 issues & solutions. I would not recommend downgrading to SMB1 only…you may as well downgrade to Windows 7 :slight_smile: There are potential security issues with SMB1 (as you noted) and performance enhancements in SMB2+. As a Mac & Linux user, I had a different set of issues so after reviewing many TCP conversations in Wireshark, I chose to SSH into MyCloud and modify the /etc/smb-global.conf file (note that your #2. Navigate to the “/root/etc/samba” subfolder is incorrect - it is the “/etc/samba” folder). Other than the Mac-specific changes, I would recommend:
min protocol = SMB2
client signing = disabled
I did not see the client signing parameter mentioned above - that was a real performance hit for Macs and may be something that would allow your Win10 clients to connect. Samba (which runs on the the MyCloud) will negotiate the highest protocol, so I don’t recommend the “max protocol” parameter. SMB3 is somewhat of a misnomer, MyCloud and the clients actually negotiate the 0x0302 “dialect” under the SMB2 protocol, otherwise known as SMB3.

Another way to sometimes access the MyCloud is through the mDNS address which uses .local as its domain…which is why you should never give your local network that domain name:

One other note: “max protocol = SMB3” is not permitted on Gen. 1 MyCloud with the latest v4 firmware. The testparm command will show what is allowed:
NAS:~# testparm --show-all-parameters|sort|grep protocol

You may want to try to limit Win10 to dialect 0x0302/SMB3.02 to avoid the “SMB 3.1.1 pre-authentication integrity” (i.e. crypto hashing).