Compatible Drives for Sentinel DX4000

Can’t seem to find the supported drive list.  Does the WD30EFRX-RTL work in this Sentinel?

in the monitor tab of the dashboard on the right is a list also here,-rx4100-,-ds5100,

don’t see that one

No that is a red drive, only some Black drives work

I had success modifying the whitelist.xml of a DX4000 to use a drive that was not listed on the DX’s Dashboard compatible drive list, but that was on the WD list in the link you refer to.
It’s a bit of a tricky process, but it can be done.
Only immediately useful when replacing a drive in a working system, not for factory-resetting an older unit, although you could consider to modify the whitelist.xml in a recovery ISO for a non-starting system, but that’s an exercise on its own.

See Expanding DX4000 HDD List

Note: providing these steps without warranty to success and take at your own risk.


(1) find correct WDStorageSetup.msi corresponding to your DX’s software version (Dashboard-Monitor-Software update)
Possible locations:

  • (Google it)
  • C:\WD directory on your own or another DX with the same software version.
    On a DX with software version I found the .msi there. Newer software versions don’t seem to contain the .msi files anymore in \WD.
  • in a recovery ISO: mount the ISO, unzip \RESET\OS.SWM using 7-zip, look in \RESET\OS.SWM\WD

(2) extract the contents of WDStorageSetup.msi using msi2xml

  • the extracted files get random names. To identify whitelist.xml, do a text search for e.g. “Model description=”
  • modify whitelist.xml for your drive : copy an existing line that corresponds to your capacity, modify the full disk type with your type.
    Example I had success with:
    description=“Enterprise Storage 2 TB” size=“1907730” etype=“constant”>WDC WD2002FYPS-02W3B0
    changed this to:
    description=“Enterprise Storage 2 TB” size=“1907730” etype=“constant”>WDC WD2000F9YZ-09N20L1

(3) rewrite the WDStorageSetup.msi using xml2msi

(4) on your DX: Control Panel > Programs & Features: remove WD Storage Provider, reboot DX

(5) copy the modified WDStorageSetup.msi to a USB stick or copy it to the NAS or to any location the NAS can reach, doesn’t matter, you just have to be able to execute WDStorageSetup.msi

(6) execute WDStorageSetup.msi, reboot DX

In Dashboard > Monitor > Compatible hard drives, your newly added type will now appear.

I just factory-re-installed an older DX4000 (2012) that originally contained software, with
Apparently the software version Dashboard’s Compatible hard drive list contains many more compatible drives than in the older software e.g.
At this time (March 2016) one of the listed 2TB’s is still widely available in the distribution chain: WD2000F9YZ-09N20L0.
So for owners of an older DX out of warranty, it may be worthwhile to upgrade the unit’s software version, in order to still be able to replace a disk with an available model on the compatible list, in the event of failure.

The ISO is still downloadable at
MD5 hash : 46649c0b8acca02c6544514e5c99bd4c

After experimenting with several DX4000 models using several software versions, here’s an overview of compatible drives I could establish from my tests.

It appears that there is exactly 1 model WD disk drive of each capacity still in production and still available through distribution and retail channel as of March 2016 !

However, if you mount one of the green marked drives above, but you’re at a software level that’s too low and does not contain the drive model, you’ll get an “incompatible drive” error from the DX, and the RAID will not rebuild.

This is important for people still using or supporting DX4000 drives operating out of warranty.
Buy some spare drives, now that they’re still available.
And update your DX to
(Maybe lower versions also contain more drive models, but the only software version currently still publicly available is so there’s not much of a choice)

It can be downloaded at or (

The compatible drive list (whitelist.xml in WDStorageSetup.msi) is identical in and

Good work there Patrick. Though my vote personally is since WD dumped us, do likewise. Thecus has very affordable Windows boxes running the latest OS 2012R2. They have a video port in addition will use any WD drive. Red being the popular choice. The OS is actually preinstalled on an included 64gb SSD. two bay unit is $350. My DX4000 has served me well for years, but sometimes it is time to move on

Thanks for the tip.
But I have 2 clients who invested in several DX4000 (2012-2014), can’t sell them now on the idea that their equipment is already aged. They’re used to their HP Proliants running for anywhere between 5 and 10 years… Also this would undermine my own purchasing advice. So will keep the DX’s running for a few more years.

I saw the DX’s merely as black boxes up till now. But last weekend’s experimenting with the ISO recovery finally gave me a “feel” for their inner workings and how ugly it may get making them jump through troubleshooting hoops, but also helped me to set up some procedures and different ways of tackling problems with those devices.
I was surprised to discover in the many posts that WD offers little to no support, and leaves it mostly to user self-help, never saw a manufacturer abandon a product so blatantly. We’re clearly on our own, but I am feeling more comfortable with the devices now, also with a spare disk on every site.

Many years ago there was a fellow from the DX Dev team that would look in here, but other than that it is pretty much peer 2 peer

Just one more question, something I did not try yet:
does it work OK, the 2nd factory reset option: “reset to factory default while retaining data” ? This seems to be the only way to upgrade a functional to
(will require OS re-config afterwards of course, things like IP address, domain membership etc.)

I have always meant to try that but never have. That is what it is supposed to do, leave D: alone. Others have said it worked.

Since I kept mine at 2tb useable, I can use windows server backup and do full restores


Thanks for all the info in this thread - especially PatrickE’s detailed posts.

I have just noticed Western Digital have released a new tool under the Sentinel DX4000 downloads page which allows the use of hard drives not on the ‘recommended’ whitelist. “WD Sentinel DX4000/RX4100 Drive Enabler”

(Coincidentally this was after I inquired about getting a link to the latest firmware to support a drive I had just purchased “WD2000F9YZ-09N20L1” WD 2TB drive.)

They provided a link to which seems to add the drive to the list + more. Unsure if i should post the link, but if anyone else is having issues, contact or use the tool mentioned above (Note: I have not personally tested the tool).


Oh my. Thanks
So I wonder just what does it do. Allow blue drives in a raid 5?

WD Sentinel DX4000 or RX4100 Drive Enabler allows users to replace a failed drive with a drive not on the recommended list.

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