Cloud vs cloud home?

Hi guys

I have looked into personal cloud storage and have been looking at WD options for a while but I’m a little unsure about all of the cloud products!!.
Whats the difference between ‘my cloud & my cloud home’?
how is the my cloud mirror and My cloud expert any different?

I recently lost a lot of data that was stored on my computer HD which ended up costing a lot of $$ to recover.
I considered using a commercial cloud storage company like google or OneDrive but security and ongoing fees has me undecided about this.

What is best for me?
I want to store all of my files, photos, music and videos centrally and be able to access them anywhere. BUT, I also have concerns about losing data by using a personal cloud device like a WD cloud device.
Is there any way I can automatically back up any WD cloud device?. I see there is a USB port in the back of the WD cloud, can I add another WD external HD to the expandable USB port on the cloud and set it to back up what is on the my cloud/my cloud home etc? or is there another option/device you could recommend that would give me a simple dual back up for personal use that isn’t complicated or expensive?

Use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) if you haven’t already, many past discussions about the differences between the My Cloud and the My Cloud Home. Here is what WD says are the differences. They mostly focus on the hardware side not the usability side.

Next, read through the My Cloud Home subforum to learn what others, who use that device are saying.

The bottom line is the My Cloud is a basic network attached storage device (NAS). The My Cloud Home isn’t. The Home has a different set of features and options among them is NO My Cloud Dashboard to gain access to certain My Cloud configuration options. Many have bought the Home thinking it was like the My Cloud only to discover it isn’t.