Cant upgrade firmware in WDMyCloud

My WDMyCloud has the v03.04.01-230 firmware, when trying to upgrade to the latest version, i get a message saying its not possible to update…Any idea why or what can I do?

@oscarlunaf What My Cloud device do you own? This sub-forum is for the WD MY CLOUD.


What is the specific error message you receive when attempting to upgrade the firmware?

What firmware version were you trying to upgrade to? Were you trying to upgrade to 04.05.00-342 (09/04/2019)?

Or were you trying to upgrade to 2.31.204 (12/16/2019)?

Because you are using a first generation My Cloud (firmware v3.x/v4.x) you can ONLY use the v3.x or v4.x firmware. You cannot upgrade to the second generation’s v2.x firmware. The 2nd gen single bay My Cloud uses different hardware and uses a different firmware structure (busybox).

One option is to update from the v3.x firmware to an early version of the v4.x firmware before attempting to push the very latest v4.x firmware to the unit. Links to most past firmware releases for the single bay My Cloud can be found in the following post.

Thanks @cat0w , my device is the 1gen My Cloud

thanks for the response @Bennor i will look for the appropriate version, simple question, can i leave the old version running? it seems to be working fine…but i guess eventually it will force me to update? thanks again

Yes one can leave a unit running with old firmware. However, doing so means that security vulnerabilities patched in later versions of the firmware will remain open (unpatched). Further some WD software and or remote access features may not work properly with old firmware.

Edit to add: One can disable (at least in later firmware versions) the auto firmware update feature of the single bay My Cloud. It is often advised (by we end users) to disable the auto firmware update option and manually install the firmware to avoid instances where the firmware broke customer’s units and newer firmware was issued to fix that problem.

Perfect. thanks again for your help!