Can't login to share using WD Smartware


In WD Smartware I am trying to login in particular partition (share) of my drive that requires username and password but it is not working. I enter the same user name and password for accessing the share drive from Windows Explorer whereby it works fine, but it just does not work in WD Smartware. I need to make a backup in that particular partition of my drive but can’t login. I got the window below, enter the information, and nothing happens!!! Please help.


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Hello and welcome to the WD community.

Have you tried putting the share public and then private again? Also try to restart the drive to see if this helps.

Try entering MyBookLive\username rather than just username (or the target device name if not MyBookLive).

Also if it’s Windows 10 apply the current updates.  One of the updates over the weekend solved a similar problem for me, along with specifying the name of the WD device along with the username.


Hi, thank you for your help. Unfortunately, I tried putting the public share and then the private share and it didn’t work. I also rebooted the drive and the problem still remains. It was working fine before I upgraded to Windows 10. I try to do exactly the same in my wife’s computer and I get the same problem: I can’t access my private share from WD Smartware.

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Hi Mooselake, Thank you for your post.

I tried all different combinations including MyBookLive and the Workgroup name. Neither work. Yes, I am on windows 10 now and before the upgrade it was working fine. However, I already install all the possible update for WD Smartware and the firmware update for My Book Live drive and both of them seem to be up to date.

I hope the images below clarify a little more.

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Did you also make sure that all Windows 10 updates are applied?  Settings/Updates and Security/Windows Updates will let you check, although after two weeks it’s likely that it’s done it for you.  The W10 update is what likely fixed it for me.

FWIW, I recently updated another machine, this time from 8.1 to 10, and home rather than pro.  I had to respecify the host\account on the new machine, but it has been working since.


I’m having the same issue now. Two My Book drives are asking for login info in Smartware. Nothing is working.

OK. I had this same problem.
It took me four hours…, but it will be quicker for another.
Step 1 - Go to the downloads page, and download Smartware, cloud and whatever else you think might be in play…, (Sorry to be vague. But anyway, probably you have already done this.)
Stap 2a - If you are not completely sure of username/ password, create a new user.
Step 2b - Make sure than user has access to all shared drives and that you create a private drive for that user. This seems to be important.
Step 3 - Turn off your firewall ! At this point, my log-in worked.
Step 4a - Turn on the firewall - it all seemed to work, until I tried to back up - when I got a warning that the drive was not authenticated.
Step 4b - Turn off your firewall ! At this point, my back-up started working.
Step 5 - To be proven yet: I will turn on the firewall again, and see if I can make it all work properly.
P.S. For the connoisseurs - yes, I was watching my firewall all the time in the fours hours until now. And it seemed that everything was Green. So I have not found what I should have allowed. Perhaps it is a very deep protocol exchange under another app? Who knows. I just did not see anything, but decided to go for the nuclear approach anyway as an vanilla test.

It seems much simpler. Although the above worked, of course having to turn the firewall off & on is not a sustainable nor reasonable situation.
Here is the proper solution:

  1. Go to Open Network & Sharing (Right click on System tray icon, or reach the same through Control Panel.
  2. Change the Network to be a Private Network.

It seems that the authentication is not successful if the network is not Private!

Once I did this, then after a few seconds, it all started working without log-in. It just refreshed itself and worked.

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None of these solutions are working with my case. My Book Live LED light keeps blinking Green and I can access My Cloud and my drive on the internet but cannot access it on Smartware. Keeps asking for my email and password with no luck. Any ideas?

Did you ever end up finding the solution?