Cannot establish remote connection (error 31520)

I had to restart my two My Book Live drives yesterday and now both of them come up with the error “Cannot establish remote access connection. Make sure you are connected to the internet. (Error 31520).” Up until then both drives have been working fine and I have had access via MyCloud.

On the Newtwork tab both say that the internet connection is good, I have internet connection from the router and can see and access both drives on my network.

I have seen others with this issue but no posted soution. What do I need to do to restore remote access?

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I have the same issue. Have tried disabling Remote Connection and re-enabling but no Joy.
My network connection is sound.

Experiencing the same issue. Something on the WD end.
Device shows logged in and connected to the internet. Cannot access from the my cloud app or the web site.

I am having same problem, and have tried all solutions I have come across so far, and no joy!

At an earlier point in troubleshooting, I launched the diagnostic test on the utilities tab, and it has not gotten past 90% after about 40 minutes ?!

I’m having the same issue. Is there any other way to get files off your MyBook? I’ve tried connecting the ethernet port directly to my computer, but connecting that way only take me to the UI as if I had connected via the IP address.

It’s definitely the domain name change from to .

No solution provided.

Happened to me exactly the same - WD worked until it needed a reboot.
Looks like WD is once again displaying their attitude towards their customers.

It is amazing they don’t dare to show here. Let’s go to twitter and ask them