Cannot access to My Cloud Ex2 after upgrade to OS5

I cannot login to dashboard of my cloud ex2 after upgrade to OS5

it aways shows “The system is booting up, please wait.”, but I can access the shared folder from Finder app.


first you will want to set the device to a dynamic address and find it on your router’s page. Then you will want to log in via that address in a browser. like or whatever your router gives it.

My device IP is, but when I use that ip on my browser, the URL automaticlly became the above value

You could just try hooking the device to a computer for a minute and setting some basic address that you could log into it from. Just keeping it simple. 86 subnet sounds sorta complicated. There could be something blocking you, inside the mycloud for instance, if it has a default value that you don’t expect for its address.

I don’t have computer with ethernet port, how can I do that, I only had iphone and macbook

If I can remember as it’s been a month now that I have had this SH!TTY OS 5 that doesn’t allow any cloud access, though I can still use the cloud from my computers via ethernet…
as i say if I can recall correctly, I had set the device up first in my router to use a simple static address. I then used the static address (generated to the MyCloud’s MAC address found on the device) and logged into it from that.

also I cannot login via My Cloud seems no login account

wifi is my only access to the device, can I call someone from WD to do repair face to face

Right. There is no log in account. When you get your MyCloud up and running, you may find that there is no way you can make a login to a cloud. If you do get it up and running, and it gives you an orange screen on the way in…DON’T SKIP IT. I skipped it thinking I would have another chance to create a log in or that maybe hopefully I would be able to just use the device as I had before. DON’T SKIP IT? I don’t know I skipped it and can’t create any admin cloud access from the cloud access tab.

well you can log on to your wifi router can’t you?

I can login to wifi router, what should I do, and I didn’t see any pages for creating login account

just use the mac address and assign it a address that you can get to on your computers’ same subnet ?58 maybe? All it takes is the mac address in the form ac:dC:4C:FC:18:18 or something like that I just made that up but it’s basically like that, 6 sets of 2 often separated by colons and in hexidecimal only characters 0-F

here is my device info from wifi router

do I need to change to another ip and try to use new ip to login, I am not sure change IP matters

if I used the current IP 178 I will be forwarded to the “

Yes, wifi works for me but then I also have it on and running well. How’s your blinking blue light/ red light situation on your machine? Did you just install the OS5? You should give the system a while to boot up. For me I did a soft reset on the device using some sort of button or paperclip hole or something, also just unplugging it and replugging it can work wonders with the device. I would not do any sort of HARD reset. Just make sure you know what you’re doing before you reset it. If I recall correctly the soft reset was somewhat helpful to me, but first I might try the unplug, replug and wait 5-15 minutes. Just my 2c as I am not a worker here at mycloud wd site or nothin. Just currently happen to be here trying to figure out my own Cloud login issues keeping me from using it.

the power light is still blinking and all lights are blue. I just upgrade to OS5, after it is restarted, the lights became blue and I cannot log in to dashboard with system booting message.

I don’t know how to soft reset My Cloud Ex2 ultra

still no luck cannot login to web, I hard reset but no use

don’t know there is a reinstall everything steps