Can you use the USB expansion slot on WD My Cloud to link to WD My Book?

Can you use the USB expansion slot on WD My Cloud to link to another external hard drive? I have a WD My Book I would like to use as an extra backup?

Yes. You should read the My Cloud User Manual ( which explains not only how to connect/use an external USB hard drive, but other features and options of the My Cloud including its built in backup application for backing up the My Cloud to either a attached external USB hard drive or another network location. See Chapter 12 Connecting a USB Hard Drive in the My Cloud User Manual.

The user manual will help you understand that capabilities better:

Yes: the USB port allows the MyCloud to use a USB HDD for backup or expansion.

Thanks, I just ordered a My Cloud so I don’t have the manual as of yet but do have a My Book so I’m glad they have the capabilities to do this. Thanks for taking the time to answer…it was easier to ask while I was here than to look up the PDF user manual while at work but you supplied both. SCORE!!!

Dont bother unless you have many hours of time to waste.

I tried exactly that with a brand new MyCloud Drive and MyBook drive. The MyBook shows up (when you finally get it to do anything at all) as no available space and no new space.

And WD couldn’t care less. They have your money so you are on your own. I have tried for four months without success, and the support is a joke.

And the My Cloud User Manual is appalling. It is a lookup Reference book written by Techies. Useless for normal people.

Plus you cannot even see the darned thing in Windows file manager, so your activities are limited to those permitted by the ghastly app.

By the way I have a Toshiba drive that does work.

Have you seen this thread:

I agree with your comments about the manuals…

It’s written by technical staff who have forgotten that the user isn’t a WD developer…

Johnain…I went against your advice because it sounded more like you had a bad experience and perhaps there was something more wrong to this. I already had the 4TB My book installed to my router then after installing the 4TB my cloud to my Ethernet I unhooked the my book from my router and linked the two together via USB as a backup and everything went fine. I did have a password issue and a setting question in which customer service was very happy and helpful in helping me so I’m happy with the setup and highly recommend it.

this is not the same Nas or software .