Can sombody help with tagging issues? Please?


I hope somebody can help me, I am a newbie here.

I stream my music from my WD Live 3TB HD to my Cambridge Audio Sonata NP30 Network Player.

I have spent months editing my metadata, but am having a problem with a few Frank Sinatra FLAC albums.

I have tagged the Album Title: ‘1958 - Only The Lonely’ But my player reads the album title as ‘Only The Lonely’ and ignores the numbers at the start. Coincidently I have other albums tagged in exactly the same way and they display absolutely fine.

Can anybody help me pls?

Thanks in advance


Tinwarble might be able to help you on that.

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

It seems the flacs were ripped with a certain software which ataches id3 tags, which often overright the standard tags you can edit, so all looked ok in mp3tag but woulnt show on my player.

I am fixing the troublesome files now.

Thanks again for your help.