Can only access My Cloud on my home Wifi

Help please when I first purchased my My Cloud could access it remotly from my Apple Mac and I phone (Desk Top and downloaded App) then I lost the ability.  It then worked following I believe an update from WD now it’s gone again.  It is so frustrating.  This week responded to a survey by My Clound givinf low customer satisfaction but no one cares.  

  • On the iphone I get the following message: " Remote Access Disabled  Access ti WDMyCloud has been disabled" but to my knoledge I have not disabled anything
  • On the Mac using the desk top I can see the IPaddress when opening the desk top then the message “sit back while we connect to the device” the " Error Message  cannot connect to device"

Any help much appriciated but I am not too good with IT on the point of returning MyCloud and trying something else however when it worked it was GREAT



See if this helps.