Can Not Access Via Twonky Media Server + PS3


I am able to successfully access MyBookWolrd via my Apple iMac and Apple Macbook, but I am unable to access it by either my PS3 or Twonky Media.


  • I have updated to the latest PS3 and WD MyBookWorld firmware today (05/11/2011)

  • I have accessed MyBookWorld admin via the Bonjour service and selected - Advanced > Media > Media Service and am taken to the Twonky Media service page, but none of the MyBookWold folders show up in the Twonky menu

  • On my PS3 I get the MyBookWorld {TwonkyMedia] icon in the PS3 menu, but there are no files or folders listed when I click on the 'MyBookWorld [TwonkyMedia] icon

  • I have downloaded the free 30 day trial of Twonky Media Server on to my computer but the MyBookWorld or its folders are not listed in the media browser or media receivers

Can anyine help me access the folders and files on MyBookWorld via my PS3 directly or via Twonly Media Server through my PS3


Hi there, do you have the files you want to play on the PUBLIC folder? And what the codecs and extensions? Twonky is not compatible with just every file inside the MBW.

i have the same problem… someone help us!!! pls

You will be luck to get any response from WD

chezkeightley, the WD Community was created for Users -such as yourself- to help one another and to share your experiences and ideas with one another.  As Moderators, we are simply here to facilitate and oversee the Community. If you have a question or issue related to the WD Community itself, us Moderators will be happy to respond and assist you. 

My suggestion would be to try the different approaches provided by active WD Community Users, however, if you are looking for technical support from WD, you will need to contact them directly.

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