Can I use My Book to backup my PC and my Passport Ultra at the same time?

I am at present using a WD My Book to back up all the files on my Windows XP pc. I’ve now bought a Passport Ultra and want to transfer all my pictures and videos from the hard-drive on the PC onto it, as the pc is running out of space.

Can I set the ‘Book’ to back up pictures & videos from the Passport,  and also backup everything else  from the Computer’s drive? 

The File backup option allows you to select other drives besides the main drive on the computer.

That way you can select the Passport Ultra for backup.

Please see the link bellow for more information:

How to backup specific files and folders using WD SmartWare Version 1.6.x and earlier

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Thank you very much for that, John012,  it was very helpful.Thanks also for such a prompt reply.

I have now transferred the videos out of  the ‘C’ drive on my main PC to ‘My Passport’, and set ‘My Book’ to back them up from the ‘Passport’, but to back up all my other files from the ‘C’ drive of my PC.

Can I please just ask you to clarify one final detail for me? Will it be able to back up from both drives simultaneously if I set it to ‘Continuous backup’ or would I need to back them up individually one at a time?

Many thanks again.

Not at the moment.

Smartware will work with one drive and then you can backup the other.

Files pending for backup will remain that way until the other drive is selected.

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Thank you so much for your help!