Back up PC AND My Passport to My Book Live DUO - Smartware user guide?

I have had a WD My Book Live for a couple of years and have been using it to back up the contents of my PC.

As I am running out of space on my PC’s hard drive I’ve recently started using a WD My Passport drive for all of my photos and videos. I’d like to back these up directly onto the My Book Live Duo, in addition tot he documents and other files on my PC which I want to continue backing up to the My Book Live Duo.

However, I don’t see in SmartWare Pro the option of backing up my PC AND the My Passport drive to the NAS. Could anyone help?

As a second stage I would probably then try and back up the NAS to the cloud.

More generally, I can’t find any user guide for SmartWare - does anyone know if such a guide exists?

Thanks for your help.


I believe that Smartware Pro has an option to select the external drive as a source drive, then you would go to file backup and then select the exact folder you want to backup, however i have not tried this to a network drive.