Can I access files on a USB drive plugged into the WD TV Live Plus via a laptop on my network?

Hey there!

I was about to buy both the WD TV Live Plus box and a 1TB Western Digital My Passport drive and was wondering if I could do something like plug the drive into the WD TV box and then both watch video off the drive through the box’s connection to my TV and then, separately, access files (let’s say like PDFs) on the hard drive via the wireless network. It would be a massive bonus feature if I didn’t have to unplug the USB drive from the WD TV box and then plug it into my laptop every time I wanted to access non-video media on the drive.

Using Macbook Pro with snow leopard (OS X 10.6)


Yes, it is possible to access the any drives connected to the WD TV through your network. I transfer movies and other files to my drives this way.


junpogi wrote:


The drive connected to your WDTV should show up in your network. You can then access it via your computer.

Make sure that you first “share” the file on your laptop (right click on the USB drive and click on share and then click on advanced), otherwise, WDLive won’t see the file.