Cannot see WD TV Live's attached drives from Windows XP

On the CD that comes with WD TV Live there is a setup.exe that launches a WD TV Live Media Player program. In this program’s window there is a button to launch WD Discovery. I’ve run WD Discovery from this button, but it doesn’t discover my WD TV Live. It just blinks and reverts to the WD TV Live Media Player screen.

When I try to access the WD TV Live directly as a network share (ex: \, I’m asked for a password for user “Invité” (which I don’t know at all) Leaving a blank password doen’t work. But just the fact that it asks me for a user/password means that it is reachable by the network.

Both my WD TV and my pc are on DHCP ( for the WD TV and for my pc at this moment)

My PC’s OS is Windows XP SP3.

What can I do to acces the usb drive attached to the WD TV from my PC?


I have never been asked for a password when accessing the WDTV Live’s hard drive from my PC ,have you been into the TV live’s menu (settings/network settings)and set "share WDTV Live on the network " to “on”

I have a doubt; if I connect a USB Hard Drive to WD HD Live, can I transfer file from my pc to that USB Hard Drive connected to the WD HD Live via usb, which is connected to my home network hub?

The file transfer should pass through the WD HD Live, 'cause the USB Hard Disk isn’t connected directly to the hub.

In this way, I’ll no more need to connect every time my USB Hard Drive to my pc to copy to it media files.

I know that I can do network streaming, but I don’t want to do it.

Thanks in advance!!


I also did not want to keep unplugging the USB hard drive from the wdtv so it is now permanently attached to the WDTV Live and is shared across the network so that I can map the USB drive as a network drive on the PC and transfer  files across the network and manage files as though it was a local drive,

The WDTV Live must be turned on and be set to “shared” ( as my previous post above) to be accessible across the network and sometimes is not available for a few minutes after powering up (I think it does some re-indexing thing.

Transfers usually run at about 9-10 MB/s and I have been using this method for a couple of months now with no problems

Hope this helps

Thank you very much for your reply, it was very useful for me.

does anyone know how to do the above on a mac?

any help is appreciated.